The educational pattern varies in different parts of the world. It is observed that many students travel to other countries for degree programs or acquiring quality education which is not available in their native countries. Moreover, The US, Australian, and British universities have started their campuses internationally. However, the educational pattern has been kept same which causes trouble for the native students in international campuses to understand the requirements and achieve the education in those universities without hurdles.

In the Middle East, there are a lot of campuses of international universities where Arab and other Asian students take degree programs. The course material and other educational policies of these universities remain same as that in their own countries, and because of different educational requirements, students of Middle East in these universities face a lot of difficulties in studying, especially in written assignments.

It is observed that the students in these universities come across issues in doing the coursework and assignments. The major reason for that is the change in the writing requirements, format, and content. Moreover, the time granted for an assignment in a course is not enough to carry out the research and write the paper as required. At the same time, teachers also do not bother to give time to explaining how to do academic assignments in the way instructed.

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