A research paper is an academic paper written for the purpose of applying the knowledge in a course on a practical experiment or project. Writing a research paper asks for technical know-how of research methods to be applied and the pattern of writing a research paper. In all the components of a research paper, the abstract is of the first and foremost importance.

Abstract of a research paper is the kind of brief summary of the entire research paper. It is written to communicate the purpose of the research, the methodology adopted and the results obtained. Many students come across difficulties in writing abstract for a research paper. There could be various reasons for it, like:

  • They are unaware of the purpose of writing an abstract for a research paper.
  • They do not know the compulsory components which make an abstract
  • They are not good at writing, etc

For any of the reasons, if the abstract for a research paper is not well-written or is not attention-grabbing, the reader would not continue with the rest of the research paper, and this may result in loss of marks on the research paper.

But now, writing an abstract for a research paper has become easier with the help of Research Paper Live. For writing a research paper for any course of business, medicine, law, arts, economics, political sciences, natural sciences, information technology and computers, the main areas which should be covered in an abstract are:

  • The core purpose of the research and the research topic.
  • The methodology adopted and the sources of information
  • Results obtained from the research
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Along with the above requirement, you also have to take care of the vocabulary and information you use in the abstract because a well-written abstract is always appreciated and it leads to a further reading of the entire research paper by the instructor.

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