Help to write a Research Proposal

Research papers are the important type of academic papers at college and university levels. They require a great deal of studies and experimentation on a topic through which students come up with innovative ideas and new strategies. Research topics are of the first and foremost importance, because, without a right track, it is not possible to carry out a research and do all the efforts which would be admired by the evaluator. Therefore, teachers ask for research proposals which help the students to get topic approved for their research and start to work on it.

It is observed that the teachers ask for the submission of research proposals before starting any work on the research papers, but usually do not give time to explain students on how to write a research proposal. Students at this stage need help to write a research proposal which is appealing and is approved by the instructor.

In order to guide and provide help to write a research proposal, here are a few guidelines suggested by the professionals:

Give enough time to the topic selection. An easy way to select a topic is to go to the library, check out lots of research papers and read their titles. See which titles seem attractive and you find interest in that. Note that topic and make a list of at least twenty in the same way.

  • Discuss the topics with your friends and other professional people around you. Take their suggestions and note them.
  • After you have enough of the topics, give yourself enough time to evaluate what you find suitable for yourself. Remember a few things:
  •   The aim of the research is to find out something different but related to your field of education.
  •   You should know where the data would be available on the topic you have selected.
  •   Make sure you can have access to the data you will need for the research, and it is authentic. The research should not be based on vague information.
  •   The topic should be such that the result can be predicted.

Once the topic is selected, you can write the research proposal easily. In the proposal, your task is to introduce the topic to your evaluator. Give the background information about the topic and explain the details about why you have selected that particular topic, what will be your sources of information, where is your study applied, and what benefits and outcomes do you predict.

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