In all the types of essays, narrative essays are the most interesting to write.  For a narrative essay, you do not have to read lengthy literature, neither does it required the formal tone in writing. A narrative essay is one in which you have to write about an event, a lesson, an experiment or an experience faced by you. The tone of the essay is like you are talking to the reader.

The best way to write a narrative essay is to outline it like a story. The first task you should do is to think for a longer time to decide for the topic. Unless you are not with a specific topic, or you are not sure of what you are going to tell about to the reader, you cannot come up with a good piece of writing. Think about the topic and make it a specific one so that you have a focus point in it.

After the topic give yourself enough time to think about the experience. In a peaceful environment recall every aspect of the event and write it on a notebook. Remember! Your aim should be to make the reader experience the same, and for that purpose, you have to fill your essay with chronological content. Write the details on the notebook which later will become the reference material for the narrative essay.

When you are fully equipped with the material you require, it is time to start with the draft of the essay. A good essay is written as a rough draft in the beginning so that all the amendments are made prior to the final essay to give it a clean, appealing and proficient look. Start with the introduction of the essay giving the background of what you are going to tell about the author. Your thesis statement should be appealing so that the reader continues with further reading.

Use of dialogs and characters will be the best way to write a narrative essay. This will make the reader experience the event. In order to apply this in the essay, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Think about the audience, think in their perspective and then write the essay. This will help you write the narrative essay easily. After the draft, you have to write the final essay with proper punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar.

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