Research papers are the academic documents written by students at college and university levels. A large number of students face various issues in completing their research paper in time and because of the delay they lose a greater portion of their final grades. Research papers are required to be written in a professional way having all the contents like abstract, table of contents, literature review or annotated bibliography, complete research information, and conclusion. Doing research and writing the research paper within short times n far challenging.

Time management in a research paper is of the prior importance. Time is something which the students waste in the beginning, and once it is gone, it never comes back. Most of the students are found starting their work at the eleventh hour which ultimately leads to a poor quality research paper. One of the shortcuts students adopt is copy-paste from different sources in their research paper writing which eventually get them caught for plagiarism, charging them with heavy penalties.

To help the students complete their research paper in time, this article about how to do time management in a research paper will bring a positive result.

For every research paper, the first thing to do is to make a list of the tasks compulsory to perform in order to write the research paper accurately. These tasks may include some or all of these:

  •   Search for the selection of an appropriate topic and get approval of it
  •   Write the research proposal and brief summary of the research
  •   Literature review
  •   Perform the research
  •   Accumulate the results and make a conclusion
  •   Write the draft of the research paper

Revision of the drafted research paper, amendments made in it and writing final research paper with citation as per instructions

There may be other tasks not mentioned here which your research paper may require. After you have made the list, place each task in the Gantt or Pert chart, or make a schedule of your convenience. Assign each task a limited time and also leave gaps between the tasks in case of any contingencies. Leave enough time for revision before the deadline. Remember! You should commit to yourself to strictly stick to the schedule till the end.

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