The chief and the most crucial benefit of this accounting software system is asset life cycle management. It allows organizations to track the assets of the organization.

For paradigm, in the case of the Diceus, the company acquires warehouses and assets located in three distinctive places that are at a specific distance. In a different context, the assets cannot be monitored from a single location. Hence, the implementation of the new accounting system will allow the organization to efficiently track its assets and manage them.

Moreover, the new suite will display the location of each asset in real-time as well as their utilization. In a nutshell, it will not only foster adequate utilization of each asset in real-time but also increase the efficiency of usage and eventually profitability. Moreover, Diceus sells its products in all the regions of the country.

Hence, the implementation of the CRM software will not only allow them to stay in direct contact with their customers but also allow them to get the feedback of the customer and enhance their business functions accordingly. Along these lines, the integration of CRM enables the customers to directly place their orders.

Apart from this, tracking in real-time allows automation of orders that diminishes delays. Enterprise resource planning is one of the most crucial elements of the business suite and it comprises of a project manager, human resource manager as well as financial manager components. The financial manager element records the daily income of the organizations as well as record daily sales and purchases.

Similarly, through this component, companies can automatically construct the balance sheets. Therefore, in the light of the preceding discussion, it can be put forward that the main benefit of this system is the real-time assessment of the operations of the organization. On the other hand, the HR element of the suite permits the organizations to monitor their human resources and invest them in the most appropriate way. At last, the portfolio manager element permits the organization to monitor all the new projects regards of the distance, they are being operated from.