Every leader has a certain set of qualities which help him in standing out. These qualities help in constructing a way for others as well as improving his individual performance.  When you are acting as a leader, you cannot make mistakes and then expect people under you to perform well.  If you want to your subordinates to work well, you need to check your own performance scales as well.  As a good leader, you have to design the work schedules for your subordinates. Meet them regularly and check what they have achieved according to the schedule. Apart from that, you can measure the productivity contributed by each of your staff.

The definition of business rules in the leadership research paper is important. You can define the theoretical aspect and then explain the practical use of each rule. One of the rules states that a leader should trust the people reporting to him. Normally, leaders do not pay a lot of attention to this point.  If any of their subordinates is not working well, they do not take the responsibility. A leader cannot continue strongly if he becomes complacent. He always has to search for new innovative thoughts.

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