In all the essay types, comparative essays are those where the students do not have to analyze the topic in personal perspective. The task of the comparative essay is to compare the topic with objects of the same genre or compare its positive and negative aspects. The only skills required here are a critical evaluation of the characteristics of the object and compare as required.

Comparative essays are widely used at different academic levels so that the students generate a critical viewpoint about the object and understand the major constituents of it. Moreover, writing comparative essay helps the students to polish their writing ability without taking more stress.

To help you understand more, here are the steps of writing a comparative essay:

Select the subject or topic you want to compare and with what. This makes two objects of a similar genre to compare and contrast with. It is suggested to select the objects which you are already aware of because an entirely new concept will take more time and effort to complete the essay.

Collect the information from different sources about both the objects and make a list of their characteristics. Check for both the positive and negative points.

After you have gathered sufficient information to make the content of your essay, read it thoroughly and highlight the similarities and dissimilarities of the objects. This will make the content of your comparative essay.

After the study, write the draft of the essay first. Start with the introduction about the objects and their brief background. Draft a thesis statement which gives the idea to the reader of what you are going to do further in your essay.

In the middle paragraphs, start with the information about one object in the first paragraph and about the second in the next paragraph. Then in the third paragraph compare the both objects giving their similarities and dissimilarities separately. Use the content from reliable sources and the information which is authentic. Comparing the objects on abstract grounds and unrealistic facts will not be appropriate and can lead to a negative impact on the reader.

In the conclusion give a brief summary of the entire essay. Restate the thesis to put a lasting impact on the reader. Revise the draft and make amendments where necessary. Avoid using any controversial statements or fake information. Also, make sure the essay is correct with spellings, grammar, and punctuation.

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