How to Start a Research Paper

A research paper is one of the most important and challenging of the academic papers. The reason is that it requires a great deal of studies and practical application of the knowledge on the research topic and come out with an entirely new idea or results. Moreover, a research paper is aimed to be done at higher educational levels so that it is done more professionally filled with more of a practical side of the education.

Usually, students who are given the task of research papers have this issue of how to start a research paper. Unless they are not fully aware of what a research papers is and what its requirements are, they cannot start with what to do. This article is helpful for the students to understand how to start a research paper at college and university levels.

The first and foremost task is to select the topic for the research. Once the topic has been selected, it becomes easier for the student to schedule the further tasks on a timeline. Selecting a topic is not an easy task. In order to select a topic that is worth approval of the instructor, visit the library and get at least 20 past research papers. Write their titles and give them a sequence according to the priority. You will come across some topics which you will attract you and you may find them interesting, and some which you may dislike or have less interest. For each of the topic write the field it pertains to and the reason why you like or dislike it. This practice will help you analyze your area of interest where you can start your research in. In the same field think for the topic you have come across and see which particular area you have good command at. This way, you can narrow your topic to a particular one where you can utilize your skills and knowledge and come up with a unique research paper.

After selection of the topic, it will become easier for you to start the research paper. Once the topic is approved by the instructor, the next important task is to place your entire research on a timescale so that you are not late with the submission or do not cross the deadline. This is how to start with a research paper without losing precious time.

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