Sample Essay

Family plays a very important role and if the family is left behind and one is left with a set of friends only and no family members that have a major role to play as well. When one goes away from a culture then it gets hard to get back to that culture again and take care of it without having major issues with it. These to and fro changes in everyday life cause major changes in one’s personality.

In my 5 years experience, I even had to go through clashes in my religious beliefs. I got interacted with people from different religions who had their own beliefs and understanding and I always wanted to be able to adjust with them considering and respecting their beliefs along with earning the same for my religious practice. During the whole of my transformation, I always felt satisfied with what I had in my personality and what I had learnt in life before getting to this medical school. They were the healthy foundation for me to step further on them, but the only thing I felt I was weak at was my religious understanding. My knowledge regarding different religions was almost zero and I had no room for understanding other religion. I had to study a lot about religions in general and Islam, in particular, to understand this area well and to feel comfortable with all the religion. If I ever get a chance to go back and improve my understanding of my religion and to learn the impact of a religion on one’s personality this will be the area of my interest to work on. The reason for this is the kind of hardship I had to go through to make myself comfortable with people from any religious beliefs.

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