Road Rage causes a usually mild-mannered person to become extremely angry and irrational. People who are usually mild tempered say that they sometimes tend to lose control of their emotions when they are driving. Their emotions get the better of them the minute they put their keys into their ignitions. It happens every day on roads with people speeding past. What used to be a largely male problem has crossed gender lines. Women may not get into roadside fist fights or point guns at each other like men, but they can drive just as aggressively, rudely, and even dangerously. It’s the rare time when male and female aggression is on display in near-equal amounts.
For many men, aggression is unconcealed but for women, it is usually more concealed. But when they are both driving, late for something, angry about something else, and in no mood for courtesy, and their behaviors will change considerably. This road rage is evident in a driver who is changing lanes without signaling, swerving dangerously across all lanes; passing uncomfortably close on either side of your vehicle, accelerating to block you out; not allowing you to change lanes or merge on or off the highway; racing other drivers. roaring up behind as if they might deliberately ram in your car from behind, relentless tailgating; horn honking; flashing high beams at your mirror when you are in “their” fast lane; finger flipping; screaming out the window; causing or creating accidents; pulling over to fight; or worse, kill the other driver.

People give in to road rage because they feel they need control, to respond to drivers who they feel violate space that is rightfully or their need for possession of their lane or their part of the road. For others, it’s just annoyance and hostility which is hormone-based, primitive, immature brains and bringing a lack of emotional intelligence or the need to dominate someone else and the road space that they feel by rights is theirs. Add in inflated egos, the need for dominance narcissistic pride, and male genital one-upmanship: my vehicle is bigger than yours.

Mental health professionals define certain behaviors as problematic when they result in harmful results, Road rage, and especially those acts which lead to confrontations, can have significant consequences, including receiving citations from the police; being arrested for out of control having your licensed suspended or revoked; losing or tripling your auto insurance policy; damaging your car or the other driver’s car; getting sued; or injuring or killing someone in the other car or someone in your car, including your spouse or children. Road rage victims and perpetrators have been pepper sprayed, stabbed, beaten, run down, and shot by each other.

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