Review: Romeo and Juliet

Sample Review

If the history of love tales is written, the name of “Romeo and Juliet” would be written in golden words. It is one of the best plays written by WilliamShakespeare. Due to its immense popularity, a movie was made on it. The central plot of the movie is very simple but highly appealing. Two lovers are crazy about each other and want to spend their lives together. However, they belong to two different castes which have nothing but hatred among them. This leads to a lot of revolt. The families of both Romeo and Juliet create several barriers to separate them. The end of this movie is simply awe inspiring. Both Romeo and Juliet commit suicide as they believed that dying together was better than living separately.
The dialogues of this movie are simply incomparable. A number of versions of this movie have been released by different directors. The main essence of the movie is loyalty for love. Thus, it is suitable for all age groups.

All the actors who have worked in the recent release of Romeo and Juliet have delivered state of the art performances. The most impressive component of the movie is the display of emotions. In some scenes, the intensity of emotions explain everything without the use of dialogues.

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