Reserach Paper: Needs of happiness

Sample Research Paper

There is a collection of reports that reflect that there is a connection between the happiness and health. It has been observed that the countries that are well developed are the ones that are recognized as being happier and these are thereby categorized as healthier nations. Thus the term healthy, wealthy and wise.  Thereby in this case the factors that are seen to be counted the most are the levels of poverty, and the access to basic education. Thereby the key to happiness is still good health.  Good health is achieved by having money thereby the main role is being played by the money. Thereby this is the money that can assist in achieving the good health thereby there are many countries as Denmark and Switzerland that are considered to be happier as compared to the countries as Africa (Graham, & Pettinato, 2002, p. 45).

There is a greater role being played by the economics of the global village.  It has been observed that there are many unfair economic free market systems that have created an economic damage to the business thus creating unhappiness. The insecurity and tan increasing competition are some of the factors that have caused an increase in the stress in the world and a higher sustainability of unhappiness. In the case of the drastic changes in the global economic conditions, it has been seen that most of the research and the debates that are carried out are based on the social and mental health of an individual. These unpredictable changes in the modern world are drawing the individuals closer to the medicines and the psychological issues (Frey, & Stutzer, 2002, p. 56).

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