Research Paper: Work ethics

Sample Research Paper

Work ethics is also strongly determined by culture. These include punctuality, regularity, and honesty. Work ethics also have effects on employee-employer relationships as they are dependent upon treatments of each other.

One of the major cultural factors which effects work ethics is people’s concept of time in different parts of the world. Local languages of time are different in different parts of the world and while people in Japan and the US consider time a resource and a deadline a commitment people in other parts of the world might have a more relaxed attitude. In some countries, it is considered all right to be late for a meeting while in other countries it is considered an insult to keep someone waiting.

 Another way in which ethics differed are the different views of workplace hierarchy. While Japanese and other countries high on power distance will value their superiors orders, try to maintain harmony and consensus at the workplace and work in conformity, Americans will tend to be more outspoken and directive. Similarly, the French will love to argue while the Swedes will want to be polite and view arguments as rudeness. Therefore, companies will have to adapt their behavior so they are not viewed as offensive by the locals.

 Also, there are cultures which prefer to keep professional and personal ethics separated from one other and others which completely integrate them. There are cultures where loyalty to the company is valued and others where only individual preferences are considered

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