Sample Research Paper

According toWilson, unless the government policies changed and focus is placed on the ghetto school system to provide quality education and unless efforts are made to improve the job situation, the joblessness and despair will only increase.

He is of the opinion that governments priorities need to be set in order. His view is that since the businesses have moved out of the cities, there has been a reduction in the manufacturing job sector in the inner cities for the families that live there. The middle class has left the inner cities in search of better jobs. What remains in the cities are low wage jobs with no union protection and the less job securities. The mostly black community which resides there is left with little opportunities to hang on to. The families that remain consist of often young, with single parents. These mothers or fathers since having no job to turn to, resort to welfare support. Later if they try to get employment, their welfare benefits are cut. So to ensure that their family has a place to live and food to eat, they have to stick to welfare. In a survey of the employers in the book, Wilson found that a very high percentage of employers used to tactics to discourage the hiring of the black community or people from public schools. This trend further reduces jobs for the black population. (Danziger, S., 1998)

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