Research Paper: William Wilson’s View about Society

Sample Research Paper

Wilson of the view that the root of the problem is racism and joblessness.  He illustrates by the interviews with the people of the inner cities that the stresses of their economic situation is taking them apart. As jobs move of out the cities, the educated and the skilled blue collar families move out. The people remaining in the cities are just cannot get enough jobs that pay well. Financial crises usually bring upon stresses in the family.

Temptation other means of obtaining wealth tend to degrade the society’s well being. The financial burden forces the parents to work at great distances and in multiple jobs. This reduces the time families and spends together to form intimate bonds. The children do not get taught the moral, social and ethical values and are more prone to social misbehavior. The moral values that are to be taught to the children do not get taught. The book shows that these kinds of pressures have lead to stress on the family as an institution and cracks can be seen. The families in the cities now more of consist of young single parents who are unmarried and their children. This makes surviving in that environment even more difficult as the parents cannot work to provide for the family and stay at home and take care for the children all at the same time. Therefore, the book is of the view that a tight-knit family is a must for the teaching of moral and social values and is a must if society is to remain on steady footing.

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