Research Paper: Violence in Human Behavior

Sample Research Paper

It has been hypothesized that human behavior be it violent, can be considered as a disease in the literal sense. Like diseases in the community, then violent human behavior can also spread like an epidemic. (The Tipping Point. June 1996). According to this theory, violence behavior cannot be thought of, in a “linear” relationship. Rather, it behaves in a curve pattern in a community up to the point that society acts according to the norms until a certain level. Once that certain tipping point is crossed, the all the society starts behaving in a similar manner. This was demonstrated by Philip Zimbardo ofStanfordUniversity.

He placed 2 identical cars, one inNew York and one in Palo Alto and left them over night. The next day he noticed that the car left inNew York had parts missing whereas the car in Palo Alto had been untouched. The next day he smashed the mirror of the car in Palo Alto and left it parked another night. Next day, this car too had parts missing. His experiment perfectly showed that both cities’ communities had behavioral tipping points. That point was crossed inPalo Alto’s case once the mirror was smashed and the behavior of the society as a whole changed. (The tipping point. June 1996). This experiment showed that behaviors changes in communities as a whole as well as individually in a person when considering a certain situation and also proved that behavior in a community level can affect the judgments of individual personalities and blur the boundaries that have been set by parental teachings in personality development.

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