Research Paper: Understanding the concept of cloning

What is the biological concept behind cloning?  If the historical perspective of cloning is studied, it looks a simply unbelievable myth.  In other words, it looked like a task which would never be accomplished by humans on a practical scale.

According to chronological details, the first day when this myth became the reality was February 22nd, 1997.  In addition to that, the efforts were made by Dr Ian Wilmut and his team who belonged to the Roslin Institute.  What did achieve? They designed the clone of a sheep. This was the first time in the history of biological research that the clone of a mammal was developed.  This sheep was named dolly.  When the appearances of the original mammal and the clone were compared, no obvious differences were found.

The results obtained by Dr Wilmut and his team seem nothing less than a miracle. However, it is based on a simple procedure.  However, after seeing the clone and the original sheep, one would think that even the best cloning experts cannot achieve the same output.

The importance of this sheep is very high when it comes to achievements in the field of cloning. The cloned sheep produced after this procedure was a child of the actual mother sheep.  Cloning is not an impossible task. However, it can be termed as a high biological achievement.

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