Research Paper: Turnaround strategy by Hotel Management

Sample Research Paper

Making a hotel specific of one culture or a country is easy but this hotel which carries a previous impression with it and will now be raised to higher class with modifications to its building and system is not that easy to be established. There is a variety of training programs available which need to be launched for the employers after their need is assessed. The workers need to get trained for communication skills; language program needs to be provided to them. Inter and intrapersonal skills which everyone is born with but they need to be polished.

Communications with customers and colleagues are conducted in an open, professional and friendly manner. As a beginner one needs to be aware of a few things and needs to make sure they take place like an appropriate language and tone is used, effect of personal body language is considered, sensitivity to cultural and social differences is shown, active listening and questioning are used to ensure effective two-way communication, potential, and existing conflicts are identified and solutions sought with assistance from colleagues where required. Workers that are new in the field will require an extensive training program otherwise the ones already working will not find it hard to get started. After taking general steps and launching general training programs we also need to take some specific measure which will be particular of the field like “food management and operation, lodging operations, global tourism, sustainable Tourism, tourist Attractions Management, Entertainment Management, and Event Management”. (Hospitality management studies, 2008). All of these components are the crust of this business and they are all specialized areas and need the workers to get trained for them in order to achieve the goals.

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