Research Paper: Tumor Angiogenesis

Sample Research Paper

(Folkman, 1973) The tumour angiogenesis or Neovascularisation of tumour tissue is considered as the fundamental mechanism for the tumour growth, proliferation not only the growth of the tumour but also the tumour invasion and metastasis become angiogenesis dependent, and this appears to be an essential process at the beginning as well as at the end of the metastatic cascade (Folkman, 1973).

That was proved using different activator of the angiogenesis like VEGF, bFGF that can increase the production of plasminogen activator and c, 5ollagenases in the proliferation of the endothelial cells in animal models that were used(Folkman 2002) A family of chemotactic cytokines, named chemokines, which possess a relatively high degree of specificity for chemoattraction of specific leukocyte populations(Natur, 2001., Rossi, 2000., Homey, 2002 agents for the immunotherapy of cancer In addition, there are many clinical signs and symptoms in cancer patients that may be in relation with the angiogenesis for example in metastatic prostate cancer clinicians rely on between the bone pain and the formation of neovascularisation (Folkman, 1995). This is not proved until yet because of the multiple symptoms that can be due to the inflammation.

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