Sample Research Paper

“The aphorism practice makes perfect is generally considered the way to improve. In common parlance, it translates to repeating the same action or thought process. Practice can be in three modes: (1) Rote practice, such as creating muscle memory in athletes or mental grooves in anyone; (2) Practice choosing, such as airline pilots do in simulators; and (3) Practice creating (practicing for the unknown)”.(Waldman, D. & Yourstone, S.A 2007). Doctors in our system maximally show two or three times a day to in-patients but the nursing staff are the ones stay by the in-patients every min and then deal with everything, whether eating, drinking, taking medicine, their all other biological functions.

Nursing staff are the ones needed to be there all the time to entertain any queries from the patients or their families. Similarly on outpatient basis again patients go through basic health assessment with a nursing staff that asks all the important pertinent points and put them down on a medical record sheet and then the patient is forwarded for a very brief time to review the whole previous time with the nursing staff. This scenario makes the position of a nurse very clear in the provision of health care system. In book Diffusion of Innovations, Rogers defines the diffusion process as one “which is the spread of a new idea from its source of invention or creation to its ultimate users or adopters”. Rogers differentiates the adoption process from the diffusion process in that the diffusion process occurs within society, as a group process; whereas, the adoption process pertains to an individual. Rogers defines “the adoption process as the mental process through which an individual passes from first hearing about an innovation to final adoption”. (2007)

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