Research Paper: Theories of Social Scientists

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The primary issue which perplexes social scientists and makes them take different experimental approaches is that there is no known latent relationship between thought and artifact. One view is that artifacts are not part of the cognitive system but influence it. Another belief is that artifacts make the tasks simpler. However, the principal split between task and cognition remains uninfluenced. Cole states that cognition is a process which takes place in the minds of the individuals and the fundamental stimulus-response paradigm remains unchanged. He presented and discussed the theories of preceding and contemporary psychologists and anthropologists. He started off by explaining Howard Gardener’s philosophy but did not base the crux of the speech on it. The reason for this was that Gardener did not consider cognition in cultural context.  However, he compared the ideologies of different social scientists particularly Ed Hutchins and Don. Both these researchers of cognitive have worked together. Therefore, they think along the same lines. Nonetheless, Ed Hutchins’ philosophy and approach to cognition in a cultural context is can be said to be a variant of Cole’s own theory.

The subject of socio-cultural impact on cognitive thinking has been addressed by many 20th centuries social scientists. However, this area is still understudied. Cole emphasizes to promote and incorporate culture and cognition as an academic and scientific field of study. The main questions which remains to be answered is: what is the real impact of culture on cognition and how it has helped elevate human imagination and assisted human thinking by supplementing it with artifacts such as artificial intelligence? Until Cole’s speech was published, there was not a mutual consensus on how culture intertwined with artifacts influence cognition and the human ability to perceive, sense and understand matters. There exists a slight disparity among theories.

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