Research Paper: Theories on Psychological Behavior

Sample Research Paper

Minsky speaks of a second parallel mechanism that has evolved in humans to create representations of earlier representations” (Ramachandran VS 2007). He puts forward the theory that since the mind specializes in observation of and learning from the environment, it could have been that the “others awareness” and behavioral patterns of other people may have evolved first which in turn may have lead to self-awareness. Ramachandran VS (2007)

The human being’s developmental process has two main components. One is ‘self” and the awareness of self and the other is the interaction of self with the environment. The awareness of self and its interaction with the environment can be termed as ‘Personality’.

Self cannot be defined but rather explained. It is the feeling of unity, the having of mental command and control over the physical actions i.e. having ‘free will’. Other aspects of self-include “a sense of its worth, dignity, and mortality (or immortality).” Ramachandran VS (2007). Psychologically speaking there is one aspect of self which is quite remarkable and mysterious. It is the awareness of itself and its presence.

Scientists have proposed a lot of theories to explain human personality development. Some more recent theories are of the opinion that the personality development takes place during the whole course of one’s life. They propose that adolescence onwards, people start questioning themselves and their role in the society. They develop their personality from their personal life stories and experiences, good and bad.

Many theories have been proposed to explain personality and human he. These can be broadly grouped into three broad theories; psychoanalytic theory, behavioristic the theory and the humanistic theory.

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