Sample Research Paper

As all theories do not agree on every facet of personality and there are differences among them, the individuals need to understand the different determinants of traits the various theories present. “The issues such as the fundamental nature of humans, the importance of genes versus experience….” are required to be well-deciphered (Pervin et al, 2004, p.4). It is likely that all of the various constant and variable factors discussed by social thinkers influence personal traits at some point in life. However, one psychologist places emphasis on a particular factor while the other bases his premise on another.

The book Hans Eysenck and Raymond Cattell have applied almost the same approach when developing their theories (Weiten, 2001). They, both, concentrated on the “basic dimensions of personality traits …” (Pervin et al, 2004, p.222). Therefore, the three authors of Personality: Theory and Research discussed the philosophies of Eysenck and Raymond together. Two chapters from the book, particularly Chapter 7, are devoted to the findings and research of the above-mentioned psychologists.

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