Research Paper: Theme of the play In The Wound

Sample Research Paper

The singing and drumming in the play adds to the fervor and tension surrounding the actors. The goddesses are responsible for the drumming in the play. The first is the drumming that occurs when Agamemnon puts his innocent daughter up as a sacrifice to the Gods, ensuring their favor upon him. Another instance is the goddesses’ up their martial frenzies from the watchtowers on which they stand. The singing by Penelope is to beckon Odysseus to return home, bringing to it a serene and calm quality.

Odysseus is shown as a man belonging to the 21st century. Gone are the robes and Greek ways. They are replaced with briefcases representing the corporate world to which the hero belongs. He is not the hero of Ithaca; instead he is an individual who views the destruction wrought by him and his doings. The modern hero is called a “social mathematician” and is shown as a man controlling the bureaucratic system. The briefcases follow the hero as he watches the first sacrifice. These briefcases continue to exist as needless sacrifices continue to follow. These briefcases represent man’s relationship between his conscience and the materialistic world of today. The hero is unable to clearly state his exact role  in the play, he claims “I get things done. I change the rules, or experiment with them it’s hard to explain.” He continues to make decisions which lead to the same consequences. Each side continues to suffer the tremendous number of causalities.

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