Research Paper: First theme of Oedipus the King

Sample Research Paper

An important part associated with the Oracle myth is that there is a factor of disbelief with the prophecies given by the Oracle thereby Oedipus visits Oracle to ask him about his real parents and this is the question that goes unanswered. Because of this question the prophecy of incest and patricide is revealed to Oedipus.In the play, lines 711 to 714 are the ones that reflect the prophecy that had been made about Oedipus when he was born. This was the prophecy that was told to Laius.  Oracle informed Laius about the prophecy that relates to the fact that Oedipus will kill his father one day in the future, which in Greek, is also referred to as patricide. Further, it has been noticed that this is the prophecy that is revealed by Oedipus and this is the revelation that causes Oedipus to leave the Corinth.  In this case, it has been argued that the Oracle that has been laid down to Lauis is unconditional as compared to the other plays in which the Oracle is conditional. The Greek tragedy critics argue that the unconditional Oracle is the one that removes the culpability of the sins that are done by Lauis.

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