Research Paper: First Theme; Oedipus the King

Sample Research Paper

The first theme is the free will and fate. Fate as a theme  has been a part of all Greek writings in particular. A factor of inevitability that is related to the oracular predictions has been an important example. There has been a prediction that Oedipus shall kill his father and will make relations with his mother. In the face of this prediction, there has been a change in the plot that  leads to an order to kill Oedipus. When Oedipus hears this prophecy, and the main reaction that is displayed by him is leaving the Corinth.  However here it has been emphasized that Oedipus is the one who runs away from the sinful people. Thereby the freewill decision has been taken up by Oedipus which, in fact, is a strategic and a wise decision.

One of the main factors is that the running away from the family is defined as the crossing of paths with the family and this is the situation that has never been observed to occur before in the Greek royal history. One of the dominant plots in the plays is the avoidance of the Oracle by Oedipus. As a consequence of these oracles, it has been observed that there are many decisions that are taken by Oedipus and these are the decisions based on the free will of Oedipus. These decisions include leaving the Corinth and never returning. Another free will decision that is taken up by Oedipus includes the journey towards Thebes as well as take Jocasta as his bride. Moreover as a response to the plague that spreads in Thebes, Oedipus chooses to send Creon to the Oracle for having an advice for initiation of the investigation on the murder of Laius.

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