Sample Research Paper

The teaching strategies that would be most appropriate in ensuring the attainment of the learning objectives include; active learning, collaborative learning, discussion among students, critical thinking regarding different aspects of the topic, simulations, humor and scenario based learning. Active learning would be appropriate because students would be able to understand the application of the concepts rather than passively listening to the lecture. Collaborative learning and discussion would help the students evaluate and strengthen each other’s understanding of the concepts of the topic.

Through this strategy, students who have experience with an organization would be able to convey their knowledge to the students who are unaware of an organizational environment. Critical thinking would help the students in measuring the advantages and disadvantages of the practical application of the concepts and it is an important strategy to meet the affective learning objective. Simulations and scenario based learning would help the students understand how communication takes place in an organization and strategy would be highly feasible for those learners who are previously unaware of any organizational environment. Humor is also an important teaching strategy as it keeps the students interested and logically connected in the session (Svinicki &McKeachie, 2011.

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