Sample Research Paper

It is hard to forget an action packed movie like “The MATRIX”. This movie appealed massively to youngsters around the globe due to its high-tech animation.  A blend of some of the best soft wares was used to create some of the best animation sequences. The central character in this movie was played by Keanu Reeves. A movie is a success if is strong in certain departments. One of them is the story.

The story of the movie describes the overall plot and the connection between characters. If it is hollow or does not flow smoothly, the audience would lose attention. Filling a movie with unnecessary action sequences is not the right approach. The second factor is the standard of direction. The director is the central component of the movie. The MATRIX is a superb directorial venture and contains well-coordinated acting sequences.

A lot of movies show battles between the good and the bad powers. However, THE MATRIX takes this battle to a very different level.   The negative and positive powers collide with each and other in a fierce manner and use the strongest weapons against each other. The movie has acclaimed several awards for individual acting performances.  As I mentioned before, the movie depends mainly on action sequences. However, these sequences go with the blend of the story and not inserted unnecessarily.

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