Sample Research Paper

Of course, the ideological basis of all academic work is that a creative, original individual has, as an autonomous scholar, presented his work to the public in her own name (Scollon).  Based on this ideological foundation, the study of Ashworth, Freewood, and Macdonald reveals that students who avoid plagiarism and those who do not, are doing what they do because of several distinct reasons.

The first of these reasons is the issue of selfhood, whereby a student wishes that his own voice should be distinct from others’.  This student understands that everybody’s use of language has certain characteristics that cannot be copied by others.  Moreover, he has a concept of self, whereby he has experienced himself as having a presence and an agency along with a voice.  The first student whose interview analysis was presented in the study by Ashworth, Freewood, and Macdonald was lacking in this respect as compared to the other two.

The second reason why a student may avoid plagiarism is that he fears shame and embarrassment if in fact it is discovered that his work is plagiarized.

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