Research Paper: Students in Rehabilitation Unit

Sample Research Paper

I have had mixed feelings about the incident. Initially at the time of the incident when I walked in the kitchen, I was confused about what I saw. This suddenly changed into panic. I knew I had to do something about it but could think of anything. Knowing that the behaviour was inappropriate and did come to mind. I knew that being a staff member (even though a student), It was my responsibility to report the incident. Relief took over when my co-worker took the matter into him own hands and ordered the Miss Y to report the incident. The events that transpired after that, the professionalism shown by the staff and doctors and the way the incident was handled restored my faith in the nursing profession in general and the staff and doctors dedication and respect for their patients specifically.

Looking at the incident now, I realise that it was a beneficial experience for me to have. It was unfortunate to see that incidents like this do happen in the healthcare system but, on the other hand, the way it was handled was completely professional. Even though discovering the two patients together in such a manner was a little bit of a shock for us but no decision was taken in haste. It for me turned out to be a good learning experience.

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