Sample Research Paper

Interpersonal communication means transmitting a message from one person to another. The pathway involves a sender, a receiver and a message, a feedback and noise. The sender keeps the receiver in mind when he sends the message. Thus, a sender uses his conversational and language skills when transmitting the message. Though an online forum is not a direct communication but the basic principles are the same. The sender sends the message through the forum which acts as a medium to multiple receivers. The advertisements on the forum and the various comments besides his own can be categorized as noise. The sender still keeps the receiver’s preferences and their mindset in perspective. He will target those whom he needs to read his comments in the forum.

Thus, the basic structure in interpersonal communication and communication on an online forum remains the same. The only difference lies in the skills possessed by the sender. The sender doesn’t need only good linguistic skills as a direct sender would, but he also should know how to write. His spellings, grammar and punctuation should be correct so as to not deter his readers. There should be a flow in his writing so the readers are not distracted by errors of writing, otherwise his own errors will increase the strength of the perceptual screen of the receivers.

The perceptual screen of the receiver is also present in the online forums but, in this case, it very narrowly filters the message. This happens because the receivers do not directly know the senders and the credibility of online forums are lower than that of direct communication.

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