Behind the success of any civilized nation of today, there is a strong education system which plays an important role in developing a responsible and thoughtful society. It is helpful in creating a society where moral and ethical values have importance for people and where there is an understanding for the philosophy of life.

This idea was propagated by Jefferson (Learning Power,111) who introduced a system in Virginia, which could be used to discover and empower talented young people, even those from poor backgrounds. He established a system in which each community would produce their best, who could then benefit from a scholarship for higher education (Learning Power, 113). As Mike Rose discussed in ‘I Just Wanna Be Average’, the process of education has a big contribution in developing people interpersonal intelligence (Rose, 157). Different phases of education have different learning for students (Rose, 160). Whether students are in a school or university, they are always a part of a group, where they exchange knowledge.

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