Research Paper: Stress management for Women

Sample Research Paper

Stress management is necessary for women who are at least thirty-five years of age, although people of all ages are required to cope with stress in order to live better lives.  Women who are facing stress are more likely to have high blood pressure levels, which in turn can lead to a stroke (“Women”).  It is normally a given that women who have already lived at least thirty-five years of life would go through stressors that feel more serious in nature than they did when they were five years of age.

A close relative’s death, for example, would feel like more of burdensome grief as the female ages.  It has been said over and over that women are emotional creatures.  Still, stress management is each adult’s individual responsibility.  Women have to reduce their risk factors for a stroke as much as is possible for them.  It also must be remembered that strokes can be extremely debilitating, especially to an older woman or one who has already had multiple strokes (Smith).  Hence, it is of the essence that women aged thirty-five and up guard themselves against the causes of stroke through proper nutrition and exercise, as much as they can.

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