Sample Research Paper

A large amount of the stress which arises from a divorce can usually be contributed to the great degree of stress caused by a sudden loss of one partner’s income. According to research, a divorce can cause a stress in a child because of the economic crisis that is created immediately after (Furstenberg 1990).  Children often have to move homes, schools or live with other relatives in order to alleviate the parent’s loss of monetary stability. This is not only confusing for the child but also upsets their entire life. While it is difficult for divorcing parents to address such a situation, social policies should be altered to help with such these economic problems.

Another problem caused by divorce is the stigma the child suffers from the rest of society. Marriage is considered a sacred practice in most societies and its breakdown is associated with being dysfunctional. Children feel themselves be caught in an abnormal situation which often gives rise to negative emotions. The best way to deal with such a situation is to hold counseling programs to inform the child that the process of divorce is normal and in no way separates or alienates them from the rest of society.

Divorce is becoming an increasing trend in the world today. Its effects on the children who belong to such families are increasingly negative.  With the high rates of separation occurring in marriages in the developed world, there is an increasing rise in trying to recognize and lower the impact this event can have on the child. By understanding the emotions and perceptions that arise from this conflict, researchers have tried to find solutions to helping the child adapt securely to their surroundings. A divorce is a life-changing event in the lives of most children and its negative impact can only be reduced by properly monitoring and assisting the adolescent adjusts to their new surroundings.

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