Research Paper: Strategies of Customer Oriented Organizations

Sample Research Paper

The management is aware of the fact that focusing on the needs and desires of the customers is essentially vital to successful implementation of CRM (Customer Oriented Organization). Despite having no well-defined policies in place, the management is using customer-focused strategies to provide value to the customers. The level of satisfaction desired by the customers has yet to be met by the company. However, hardly a few and a negligible number of customers express any form of dissatisfaction with the organization and/or its products and services.

There is exists an opportunity for the management to promulgate and roll-out concrete and effective CRM strategies. The gap between the current and the desired level of value and satisfaction can be narrowed and even eliminated. This difference is actually an opportunity for the organization on which it can capitalize using the customer-centric approach.

It is possible that the service company selected as the sample for study may not be having long-term profitable customers currently. The customers may be satisfied. However, their desired level of satisfaction remains unmet by the organization. Therefore, in order to retain customers for long-term and capitalize on their profitability, it is imperative that the value provided to them must increase and should be in accordance with their desired satisfaction level. Although the company is doing quite well in terms of relationship management despite many constraints, it is highly crucial that loyal customers be earned who can provide lifetime value to the organization. As it is discussed earlier in the chapter that the retention of loyal customers actually leads to the generation of customer advocates who promote the company and its product/ service offering through viral marketing.

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