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What is interesting to note is that despite being an important character in the story, Henry Townsend is shown to be dead in the very beginning. In fact, the story begins at a point when Townsend had passed away. The book demonstrates the power of a dead character who influences the lives of many around him.

The story depicts the lives of the slaves after their master, Townsend, is dead. There are a number of different elements and aspects of the lives of characters arise as the story proceeds. Nonetheless, the fundamental gist remains that the slaves find it difficult to earn a social reputation for themselves.

The book is a beautiful representation of pre-war life in Virginia and how the widespread tradition of masters keeping slaves affected the lifestyle the society. The entire story is well-conceived and well-written. In fact, it is more like a book which illustrates historical evidence. The story actually provides a deep insight into the lives as well as the minds of the people ofVirginiain old times. Jones’ collaboration of ideas and a thoughtful concept amalgamated into a single book is definitely praiseworthy.

It is due to this amazing portrayal of the life in Virginia before the war that the book has received many awards and rewarding critic reviews. The author has earned much recognition and admiration for himself not only in the literary world but also by an entourage of enthusiastic readers.

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