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The writer spins a story where the reader is aware of the exact happenings in the lives of the individuals who lived in the 16th century.  Davis ensures that her reader is aware of the very vulnerability and innocence of the villagers who fall victim to the tricks of a clever imposter.

However, the writer seems to wrongfully blame Bertrande for being an accomplice to the whole forgery plot. Her argument lies in the gullibility with which Bertrande accepts the new husband without any suspicion. Davis’s argument rings hollow because she is unable to produce any evidence which supports her claims.  By asserting Bertrande in this position, Davis places her theories on a vague misapprehension which play an essential role in the investigation. Also, Davis is unable to accept the different mentalities that existed in women dating back to the 16th century, viewing them instead as the educated and worldly woman of the 20th century like herself.

While Davis’s is correct in her assumption that a woman can recognize her husband in the bedroom, she fails to mention how Martin Guerre must have been with his wife a couple of times before he leaves.  The young and trusting wife would fail to notice such an ingenious plot, finding it easier to trust the authoritative male figure.  Davis’s argument cannot be completely ignored. But both verdicts, blaming and supporting Bertrande have no evidence to defend their claims.

The story is turned into one of fascination to a sordid tale using lively prose and descriptive terminology. Davis succeeds in writing a piece of history with the precision and care of a good writer.  The writer also uses primary sources in her story which adds great relevance and documentary evidence to her story. Thus, The Return of Martin Guerre is a story which will fascinate readers for centuries.

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