Sample Research Paper

The interviewer follows structured questionnaires. However, the questions in the instrument are not limited to a selected few options. The respondents are provided with ample opportunity to express their feelings and experiences in a manner which they deem appropriate.

There is no flexibility in the wording or the order of the questions. However, this remains a qualitative research as the responses to the interview questions are open-ended.  This technique is the most structured and efficient of the interviewing methods particularly in case of exploratory research. 

This research is useful and beneficial because it reduces the bias especially in the case of less experienced or less knowledgeable of interviewers. This is also used when the objective is to compare and contrast. This approach is the best way if the interviewer has little time and financial constraints. Although conducting interviews takes times, it adds to the learning of the researcher. If the whole exercise is viewed critically, the time is managed well as no statistical analysis is carried which requires a long process. In quantitative research, the responses are tabulated, encoded and decoded, and then statistical analysis is performed on them. The most significant drawback is that the interviewer has no flexibility to satisfy the participant.

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