Research Paper: The Sports Industry

Sample Research Paper

With the passage of years, every industry has become more commercialized.  These days, the field of sports seems more like a business and entertainment arena. Players endorse a wide range of commercial products to stay in the limelight. They appear in the commercials of beers, soft drinks, and various other consumables. Due to these commitments, players go through a very rigorous schedule and their performance on the field suffers.  In addition to that, the requirements of the companies which hire players for endorsements vary.

The apparel worn by players has also become more colorful to their sponsors.  These days, players carry large images of their sponsors on their shirts. In some cases, a brand is endorsed by the entire team. Hence, the label of that organization is promoted by all players.

How do sponsor companies select their players? This is very simple. They keep a very strong check on the performance of players.  When they see a player performing at a very high level, they contact him and sign an agreement. Similarly, if a player does not get selected or underperforms, he is replaced.

Has commercialization increased the popularity of players among their fans?  For some scenarios, the answer to this question is yes.   Apart from that, sponsor companies earn more as people buy the same brand as their favorite sports celebrities.

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