Research Paper: Socioeconomic issues facing Employees

Sample Research Paper

The majority of the employees belong to the working class who cannot survive without the jobs that they. Despite the fact that the workers are not paid that well and do not have amazing jobs, they still need to continue working in order to afford at least a meal or two a day for themselves. They are suffering from socioeconomic constraints and fall at the bottom of the pyramid of an economic system. They are unable to afford a decent lifestyle anyway. The low-paying job at least ensures their sustenance in the expensiveAmerica.

The privileged class which is employing the lower socioeconomic class is faced with an ethical dilemma of whether or not to close their business as the workers would lose their jobs. They have concerns about their employees but have to look into their own requirements as well. The business is sinking due to the gentrification which is going on in the area. The smaller businesses are being forced to close down in order to make space and pave the path for well-established and renowned brands and outlets.

Although the film throws different aspects of racism, it gives a different view of how the employees care for their employees. It is somewhat different from typical racial conflicts

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