Research Paper: Social Security and Criminals

Sample Research Paper

Safety and security is a concept that is needed for the consistent development and prosperity of a nation. Nations only grow healthy when they have the confidence that they are safe and the security system is taking care of them is such that they can depend on. In every society, criminals are there whether less or more but this problem existing.

Criminals are busy in their antisocial activities both on local and global level, the factors that are helping them nourish are the same, whether we look at it on a domestic level or international level, they are there with the same motive. The basic theme behind crimes remains the same on both the levels, but it is just a difference of scale that happens. When things are done at smaller scale by smaller groups they are local crimes but when nations are involved at international level and the impact is even more divorce than the global forces are to be considered but the role of both the types of forces remains the same. The history of criminology shows that crimes lead to the establishment of a security system, a law to follow and political establishment to take care of the emerging crimes. If a crime is an action the security and safety system is a reaction to it and action-reaction is contemporary they have to be there at the same time to maintain a balance of harmony to the society.

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