Research Paper: Social Issues faced today

Sample Research Paper

Protection is better than treatment and even if it is expensive because here the cost we pay is through money but when we have to treat a disease we pay it through both our health and money. In this new era where health research has got to a point where a vaccine is available for all the difficult and resistant disease why not just avail it. Problems with health are putting a lot of burden on a nation’s economy and in long-term productivity and progress.

There has been a continuous struggle to find out ways to decrease disease burden on nations and provide them with the best of intervention which is protection whether through vaccination or some other means. Our media is playing  major role in bringing awareness to people regarding a lot of issues in our society related or unrelated to health but this area needs a bit more attention in terms of improving the quality and quantity of advertisement about the issues related to health. We should provide a wide range of perspective to the laymen and should be an open forum for them to learn how to take care of their healthy life while also making sure not to compromise on the major luxurious events in their life.

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