Research Paper: Social Interaction

Sample Research Paper

The connection between religious organizations and volunteering is greatly reduced with the introduction of sporadic traveling. Those individuals who own homes in a community have a greater tendency of participating fully within their community’s activities.

Those areas that face continuous social travelers have no participation or unity. Also, the rates of crime are far lower in those societies which have fewer travelers. However, Putnam’s examples are not too strong. This is because travelers have a higher ability to interact with those around them.

People who stay in the same place for too long find themselves caught in the biases and prejudice which is a strong part of the community. This is involuntary because the ideas and culture of a stagnant individual become so strong that they are unable to understand any other aspect.

Also, most travelers are capable of better interaction with those around them because of their increased skills of communicating and living in different communities.

Also, the advent of technology has allowed individuals to maintain contact through online forums or social groups. Thus, distance is no longer an issue if communication can be maintained and in the 21st century, this is no longer a problem.

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