Research Paper: Social Interaction in New Generation

Sample Research Paper

The new generation has no interest in these hobbies and relates instead to other forms of entertainment. This is also true of another example given of the Charity League of Dallas which met to knit and sew. The advent of technology has stolen away the need to participate in small and tasking jobs which involve please in manual work. This, however, in no way proves that people are no longer involved in the social community.

It just shows that individuals are now vouching for a different form of entertainment or effort to while away their time. While previously, activities needed to be carried out to plan for the hearing and speech impaired, it is now easier to make schedules through online communication which saves up on time and effort. Also, the writer fails to notice the different communities that are now cropping up through social forums over the internet. Most of these groups cultivate friendships which lead to social interaction at a far greater scale than normal. The writer has a weak argument which is outdated as are the failed groups he discusses.

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