Research Paper: Social constructionism

Sample Research Paper

Social constructionism is that individuals create knowledge and generate ideas as they mingle among themselves. They produce information for each other. It is fundamentally a development of common beliefs, norms, and values which the society invents. When individuals become a part of such society or culture, they constantly gain insightful knowledge on the values and standards which make them adapt better to its principles and beliefs. Essentialism is a belief that all individuals have fundamental characteristics or attitude which identifies them. In order words, people are associated with their inclinations and intrinsic attributes. This distinguishes them from others and identifies them because of certain distinct and unique features.

Heterosexism is often regarded as essentialism. The reason behind it is that essentialism classifies people into distinct groups or categories according to their behavior. Heterosexists are considered to be following the set standards of culture and dominate society. On the contrary, the homosexuals are deemed to be deviating from the norms and are ostracized. Therefore, the proponents of essentialism assert that it important to have distinct classifications of individuals to ensure that they are not a misfit for the society. Social constructionism purports that the individuals learn and continue to acquire knowledge from their society and increasingly adapt themselves better to the culture. As the society favors heterosexism and denounces homosexuality and transgenders, the children and the young adults learn about the acceptability of their sexual orientation and adapt themselves to the societal standards and traditions.

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