Research Paper: Significance of Natural Gas

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The rationale was one that existed in each being, allowing them to work under a system of morality. However, while the human law was concocted by man, according to Aquinas it could not be followed without the desire to instill this in natural law. If a man did not approve of the provided law then his desire to follow it would be limited. Thus, no matter what law was made, if it was proven to be unjust then its presence would not be acknowledged at all. Thus, according to Blackstone all human laws would fall short of being legally applicable without the approval of the moral law (1979, 41). This was coupled with the belief that no law could be powerful or applicable unless it was approved by the natural law.

Thus, Aquinas follows a system of integrally classic naturalism which constitutes a large role to human beings in the creation of the law. This idea lies in the concept that a classic believer in the natural law believes morality to play a significant role in law making but does not consider this to be the only way of setting laws. Instead, a lot of human rationales is also afforded to explain the growth and working of the legal system.

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