Research Paper: Significance of Communication

Sample Research Paper

Communication is necessary when delegating a task (Marquis and Huston, 2006). On the other hand, doctors should also give them their due respect and should deal directly as presenter of their patient. They should be kept trained and up to date for their learning of new emerging things in the system, unless there is continuity of learning practice cannot keep up with the new demands. Similarly, nursing staff has to understand the importance of their position and should not let things go out of their hands to be taken care of somebody else.

They should have the willingness to dedicate their self to their profession. Along with above two very important factors, they should also take care of the sequence of flow of responsibilities amongst the members of the health care provider’s team. If a nurse start taking up the responsibilities, this will lead to discrepancies in the system and health care system is not the kind of system in which discrepancies can be afforded to have. Health care system is actually a system of dealing with lives so any measures that can it better should be taken whether it is regarding the system designing, system operation or training the staff, doctors and administration. Problem-solving is related to the ability to critically think, which is fundamental in professional practice (Pardeu, 1987).

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