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Sexual preoccupation or compulsiveness has also been reported among males who were sexually abused as children.  Gender identity confusion, sexual orientation confusion, and difficulty establishing stable and trusting relationships are additional effects of abuse.  Besides the effects already mentioned children who were sexually abused also grow up with a disturbed sense of body image. Symptoms of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder have been revealed by studies to boot.  Adult males who were sexually abused as children do also show patterns of repression, denial, or normalization of the trauma.  These males do not necessarily turn into homosexuals.  What is more, only about thirty percent of them repeat the cycle of sexual abuse with their own families (Strean, 1998). Black and Deblassie have written that only two percent of the abuse reports of children are known to be false allegations.  Furthermore, all children do not react identically to sexual abuse.  Therapists report that only certain kinds of behavior and feelings do occur regularly among victims.  The immediate effects of sexual abuse, for example, are typically sleeping and eating disturbances, anger, withdrawal and guilt.  Children who have been abused mostly appear to be either afraid or anxious (Kohn).

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