Research Paper: Sexual Preoccupation

Sample Research Paper

According to experts, two signs that show up most frequently to indicate sexual abuse are sexual preoccupation and a host of physical complaints or problems without medical explanation.  To explain the first sign, William Friedrich, associate professor of psychology at the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, says that the socialization process toward propriety has gone awry in these children as they shown an unusual interest in sexual organs, sex play and nudity.  Public masturbation is also common among these children.

The second sign can include anything from a rash to excessive vomiting and headaches.  In fact, medical records of abused children could reveal years of mysterious ailments.  Pamela Langelier, director of the Vermont Family Forensic Institute inSouth Burlington,Vermont, has said that children who have been abused should be reassessed every few years because they may develop new problems with the onset of each developmental stage.  Although it may appear that these children have completely recovered from a trauma, the beginning of a new developmental stage may bring a new host of problems (Kohn).

The effects of all forms of abuse are far-reaching.  Parents who abandon their children are perfectly aware that their children could be abused (Dalrymple, 2002).  These children, when they grow up, may abandon their own children.  A child who has been physically abused or beaten may grow up to be a physically abusive parent.  A child who has been emotionally abused through words may turn out to be a verbally abusive adult unable to maintain his relationships with his partner or children.  Finally, we have to take into consideration both the physical and the psychological or emotional effects of abuse.  While certain effects may have seen a decrease in intensity over time, there are some wounds that may never be healed.

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